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Solve septic system problems

septic seep since 1953

The #1 cause of septic system failure occurs in the drain field.

cure hardpan soil conditions

SEPTIC SEEP was invented in 1953 by soil and wastewater experts in the labs of Chevron-ORTHO.

Before you replace a septic drain field try Septic Seep

SEPTIC SEEP is designed to interact with the soil in your drain field and cure hardpan conditions.

Septic Seep works in ways bacteria and enzymes can't

SEPTIC SEEP works in ways that biological products can't to restore drainage to septic drain fields even in clay soil.

Thousands of satisfied customers

West Wind Marketing has been selling SEPTIC SEEP on the web since 1999. In a survey of our customers over 80% have reported that Septic Seep helped or solved their septic drain field problem.

Thousands of satisfied customers

SEPTIC SEEP is not a bacteria or enzyme product.

Mega Bio

MEGA BIO is an industrial-grade bacteria product.

Main ingredient is calcium polysulfide

SEPTIC SEEP is a blend of chemicals containing calcium polysulfide, don't accept imitations. What's the difference?

Before you replace a septic drain field try Septic Seep

When you've been told it's time to replace your drain field TRY SEPTIC SEEP FIRST. It may save you thousands of dollars.

Diagram of septic system and drain field

Typical drain field design

90% of all septic system problems are due to failure of the soil in the drain field. Drain field replacement can cost thousands of dollars! Before you dig try Septic Seep.

The septic system in the average home, with two baths and three occupants will process over 85,000 gallons of wastewater annually.

All of this wastewater passes through the septic tank, and into the drain field, where bacteria in the soil purifies the waste.

Sodium in ordinary detergents, soaps, household cleaners, and water softeners causes clay particles in the soils to chemically bond.

PROBLEM 2 Grease and organic matter form a tar-like layer called the biomat. When the biomat grows too thick a waterproof barrier develops and absorption stops.

When soil absorption stops, soils flood. Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the soil die off. Standing water may be seen on the surface of the drain field. Water may back up into the tank and even into household plumbing. This is often the first sign of soil failure in your septic system.

can help solve both of these problems!
Before you spend a lot of money replacing an expensive drain field, try Septic Seep.

Septic Seep Is the Choice of Professionals

Our company has been using Septic Seep for more than twenty years. We use it as a maintenance product as well as a treatment for failing drain fields. Many of our service calls come from home owners who are having problems with their septic systems backing up. Some of the time, pumping the septic tank solves the problem; however, if we have a drain field that is not accepting water, we always recommend treating it with Septic Seep prior to pursuing a drain field replacement. Although Septic Seep works best as a preventative maintenance item, we have been very successful in rejuvenating failed drain fields. A typical drain field replacement in our area can run as high as $6,000. The normal Septic Seep treatment we recommend is to add 4 gallons of Septic Seep directly into the drain field line whether it be through a clean-out, distribution box, or directly through the outlet septic el. I have seen many failed drain fields open up and begin percolating again after this treatment. It doesn't always work, but it's worth a try if it might save our customers several thousand dollars.

Peter Dew, General Manager
Peninsula Septic Tank Service
Carmel Valley, CA

What is the difference between Septic Seep and other products that contain similar ingredients?

Septic Seep is a blend of chemicals designed to penetrate and open the pores of septic drain field soil. The key phrase is blend of chemicals. While it is true that calcium polysulfide is one of the active ingredients that Septic Seep shares with other products on the market, the chemical alone cannot perform efficiently without the addition of a surfactant. The surfactant is the part of the formula that allows Septic Seep to penetrate the biomat. Without the surfactant the soil opening component, calcium polysulfide, may not penetrate the soil to a sufficient level to restore the absorption qualities of the drain field. The processes used to create Septic Seep are complicated and very specialized making it more expensive to produce than products containing only calcium polysulfide and inert ingredients (water). This specialized formula is the reason Septic Seep has remained on the market, unchanged, since 1953. We choose to sell Septic Seep instead of just calcium polysulfide and water, which is readily available, cheap and easy to make, because we know Septic Seep works. Like the saying goes "often imitated, never duplicated" you get what you pay for.

West Wind Marketing, Inc.

To read an outside opinion on septic system drainfield rejuvination and the true cause of failure follow THIS LINK.

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What is the difference between Septic Seep and the West Wind products we offer?

  • Septic Perc ® - An Eco-friendly version of Septic Seep posessing a neutral pH and a pleasant odor. Works the same as Septic Seep and is easier to apply with Mega Bio - no waiting.
  • Soil Seep - West Wind Marketing has been selling Drayner's Septic Seep since 1999. In recent years it has become more difficult to keep in stock and more costly for us to buy Septic Seep. In 2015 we introduced West Wind's own version of the tried and true calcium polysulfide formula. Works the same!

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I searched on your web site to see if there was a way I could submit a testimony but I didn't find one. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that this product is amazing. I just knew that I was going to be out of thousands of dollars trying to replace my drain field. Sewage was constantly backing up in the tubs. I was embarrassed to have family members over because of this problem. Several people told me that I needed my drain field replaced. I figured I'd go online to see if I could find something that would help my problem. I came across your web site. I figured I'd give it a shot. Your product worked! Since the application of the Shock Treatment I have not had a problem to date. I will be sure to continue to use what I need for maintenance. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such an amazing product.

Cassandra D.
Lake Wales, FL

Okay you have managed to amaze me. I bought septic seep July 1, 2009 and it got here a few days later. I didn't drain my tank I just put in the exit baffle in my septic tank. I figured that it would just drain back into the septic tank anyway because the drain field was locked solid. I was a skeptic of epic proportions but I figured what the heck I can do this and if it works it will save us $12,000 to $15,000 dollars. If it doesn't work we are out $250.00. I thought I would risk it because our city has a very strict septic replacement plan for older systems.
I read about the guy on your testimonial page that just figured he had threw away his money and I figured we had too. But what the heck he did get good results, so I gave it a try.
Our septic system was so bad that every time someone took a shower the rocks that covered the septic tank would become a lake. It was so nasty and stunk I was literally at my wits end. The exit baffle would always air lock not letting anything out of the tank. It was horrible. Every time a septic pump guy would come out here to pump us you could see the drool as they gave us a bill for $2500 to possibly fix it. Short term fix that is.
Almost two months later and we have a completely resorted system. My mouth is still hanging open on how well this worked. I still can't believe it even though I see it with my own two eyes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And that does not even begin to express how thankful I am to your product. Septic Seep is the greatest.
If anybody out there is thinking about ordering this, just stop. Stop thinking and just buy this stuff, it really does work.
Thank you so much we will be ordering more shortly.
Renee (Washington State)

I 1st found your product when I was looking for clues as to why my system was not "draining." Called several local contractors and they all said it needed replacing...
I decided to try your product using several gal. to see if it was a soil prob.... IT WORKED!!! That was about 3 yrs ago... I have used it twice a year as directed ever since...Not a problem since... in fact, in just a few months, it will be time for another treatment... Thanks so much for this has saved me thousands of dollars....

Gary W
Santa Fe, TX


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