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septic system drain field soil reconditioner

Drain Field Condition

How to Apply

Amount To Order

Maintenance for Normally Working System

1 gallon every six months applied through toilet or sink drain.

Maintain your system
1 Gallon
Treat a Sluggish Drain Field

Start with 1 gallon for the first treatment applied through a toilet, sink or convenient drain near the septic tank, Flush thoroughly with water to aid distribution through the tank and into the drain field. Then apply 1 gallon a week for the next 2 weeks.

This dosage is based on an average home with 2 baths, dishwasher and clothes washer and having 200 ft. of disposal drainage ditch line. Larger systems require greater amounts.

Treat a
Sluggish Drain Field
3 Gallons
Restore a Failing Drain Field
Please read about restoring drain fields

Apply through a distribution box, cleanout, or tank outlet, bypassing septic tank.

Combo Treatment
4 Gal. Septic Seep
+ Mega Bio


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