Solve septic system problems

  The #1 cause of septic system failure occurs in the drain field.

Drayner's Septic Seep

We no longer carry Septic Seep. 
SEPTIC SEEP, a calcium polysulfide based product, was invented in 1953 by soil and wastewater experts in the labs of Chevron-ORTHO.

Septic Perc Eco-friendly soil restoration

Septic Perc ® was invented in 2012 by soil and wastewater experts familiar with the production of the former product. Septic Perc has an Eco-friendly formula designed for the 21st century.


In the lab and in the field it has been demonstrated to work as effectively as the old fashioned calcium polysulfide products. It restores drainage to septic system soil - even in clay.

See lab report from 2012

A Most Important Testimonial From a Pro

PSTS used a well-known calcium polysulfide product for over thirty years to treat septic drain field soil that stopped percolating. It didn’t always work, but it usually did saving our customers thousands of dollars by rejuvenating the soil rather than replacing the drain field.


In 2014 we started experimenting with Septic Perc as a possible replacement for the old product. Our technicians preferred the pleasant odor and the idea that this is an eco-friendly product. It also comes with fewer health warnings, so it’s safer for users, our employees.

In 2016, after two years of using both products we decided to switch to the newer product Septic Perc.  It performs at least as well as the old product without the rotten egg smell. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive as they learn about the new eco-friendly product we are using to treat their drain fields.

Stefanie Carminati, Owner
Peninsula Septic Tank Service, Inc.
Carmel Valley, CA

90% of all septic system problems are due to failure of the soil in the drain field. Drain field replacement can cost thousands of dollars!

Before you dig try treating the soil with Septic Perc septic drain field treatment.

The septic system in the average home, with two baths and three occupants will process over 85,000 gallons of wastewater annually.

All of this wastewater passes through the septic tank, and into the drain field, where bacteria in the soil purifies the waste.

Sodium in ordinary detergents, soaps, household cleaners, and water softeners causes clay particles in the soils to chemically bond.


Grease and organic matter form a tar-like layer called the bio mat. When the bio mat grows too thick a waterproof barrier develops and absorption stops.

When soil absorption stops, soils flood. Naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the soil die off. Standing water may be seen on the surface of the drain field. Water may back up into the tank and even into household plumbing. This is often the first sign of soil failure in your septic system.


The COMBO-SHOCK Treatment solves 2 problems

Septic Perc's soil opening chemicals and Mega Bio's industrial-strength grease eating bacteria formula make a powerful two-pronged attack on the conditions that cause septic drain field failure.

Mega Bio Industrial strength bacteria septic system product

Industrial-Strength 10 billion CFU/Gram  

If your septic tank has been neglected or poorly maintained, organic solids may be in your drain field preventing soil drainage. Mega Bio eats grease and organic matter that clogs up septic system soil. This is probably the best, most powerful value-priced bacteria product you're going to find.