Application Instructions

For the best chance at restoring your drain field we recommend a Combo SHOCK Treatment. This two-pronged attack can solve drain field problems in over 90% of applications.
Adding Septic Seep to the septic system drain field bypassing the tank
For systems without a D box or access directly to the field.*
Typical gravity fed septic system

Restoring Failed Drain Fields using the Combo Treatment:

The Combination Treatment uses a two-pronged attack. Mega Bio digests the bio mat with trillions of living bacteria and Septic Perc®  relieves hardpan soil conditions through a chemical reaction at the molecular level.


1. Have the tank pumped the day you intend to apply Septic Perc®. All water returning to the tank or the D-box from the field should be pumped whenever possible.

2. Apply 4 gallons of Septic Perc®  through a distribution box, cleanout, or el leading directly to the drain field, bypassing the septic tank.

You may have to dig below the surface of the soil to find your distribution box.

*If you do not have, or cannot find a distribution box, cleanout, or el leading directly to the drain field the product may be applied through the outlet of the septic tank using a funnel with a length of old garden hose attached. Work the end of the hose into the septic tank outlet and pour all 4 gallons through the funnel then proceed to step #3.

PLEASE NOTE: Some septic tanks have a “T” outlet, or baffle installed on the outlet to reduce the amount of solids flowing to the drain field. These types of systems may prevent accessing the outlet in this way. If it is not possible to access the tank outlet, or use any other method of direct drain field application the product may be applied through a toilet or drain. Although not AS effective as a shock treatment applied directly to the soil, application in this manner will help restore drain field soil.


Septic Perc®  has been shown to be effective in solutions as dilute as 1 part per 1,000.

3. Follow the application with enough clear water (up to 50 gallons) to flush the product deeper into the field.

4. Apply the Mega-Bio™ powdered bacteria formula to the drain field. Use the same point of application that was used for the Septic Perc® . Mix one 8 oz. bag of the powdered bacteria formulation with 5 gallons of warm water, and then pour the solution directly into the Distribution Box (D-Box), or into the drainpipe leading from the septic tank to the drain field.

5. Follow the application with enough clear water to flush the solution deeper into the field.

It is important apply Mega Bio directly into the D-Box or drain line leading to the drain field, as this is the best method to insure recovery of the drain field. Severely deteriorated systems may require a second dose. Repeat the process 7 days later using the remainder of the jar of Mega Bio.

WARNING: Septic tanks can be hazardous. Noxious gases collect in the top of the tank, and tank contents pose a health hazard. We recommend hiring a licensed professional septic service technician if application must be done through the tank outlet.

End user is responsible for complying with any local rules or regulations or restrictions applying to the use of this product. Always use protective clothing when handling chemicals.