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West Wind Marketing's Products

Septic Perc®
Combo SHOCK Treatment
Mega Bio
Mega Bio industrial-grade bacteria septic treatment

If your septic tank has been neglected or poorly maintained, organic solids may be in your drain field preventing soil drainage.


90% of septic system problems originate in the drain field soil. There is no single product available that will solve all problems in the drain field, but our Combo Shock Treatment will come close.


Septic Perc® opens soil in hardpan conditions and clay soil. Mega Bio is the best biological treatment available at a value price. While Septic Perc restores percolation to the soil, Mega Bio goes to work eating gunk from the drain pipes and soil -- a powerful 2-pronged attack. If you want to be sure you're using the best available treatment for your drain field problem, use them together.

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